RagDoll - JavaDoc for ReRAGS

RagDoll is a JavaDoc doclet that generates documentation for JastAdd projects. The generated documentation is quite similar to standard JavaDoc documentation, but includes additional information about AST classes and attributes.

RagDoll processes the generated source files of a JastAdd project and inserts extra information in the documentation pages using doclet tags that JastAdd generates. This means that RagDoll requires a recent version of JastAdd in order to utilize all the metadata of attributes and AST classes.


RagDoll is based on the JavaDoc code from OpenJDK 6, copyright of Oracle Corp.

Copyright 2011-2013 Jesper Öqvist jesper.oqvist@cs.lth.se

RagDoll is licensed under the GPLv2 license with the "classpath" exception as specified in the LICENSE file included in the source bundles.


The RagDoll doclet can be run with javadoc by saying something like

$ javadoc -docletpath RagDoll.jar -doclet ragdoll.RagDollDoclet -sourcepath src -package package -d doc

The above example will create HTML documentation in the doc directory, based on the classes in the ragdoll.html package, from the source directory src.

RagDoll can be used in an Apache Ant build script, using for example the following target:

<target name="doc" depends="build" description="generate documentation">
    <mkdir dir="doc"/>
    <javadoc destdir="doc" docletpath="bin" doclet="ragdoll.RagDollDoclet">
        <arg value="-linksource"/>
        <arg value="-ragroot"/>
        <arg value="."/>
        <packageset dir="src" defaultexcludes="yes">
            <include name="ragdoll/html"/>